The Vulnerable Body Can Access the Timeless Present

There exists in every person a place that is free from disease, that never feels pain, that cannot age or die.

Deepak Chopra, Perfect Health

In some ways, the body is the most vulnerable place there is. It’s what gets old, gets sick, and dies. It’s where we (or at least I) feel emotions. Sadness, fear, anger, joy, love, compassion are all felt in the body sensations. The body also contains skin, the largest organ and the color of which has been used to oppress the indwelling awareness.

In fact, the body sensations are a gateway to freedom from aversion, ignorance, and craving. Once we bring mindfulness to the sensations, we already have spacious awareness around them. They are but flickers within the vast dimension of awareness.

Although the body can be viewed as an extremely vulnerable place, due to its seeming mortality, susceptibility to sickness, aging, containment of skin color, and as the locus of emotions, the body is also awareness’ access point to the outside world. Furthermore, the body has sensations that can be felt interoceptively (from the inside). This is truly a miracle of existence! It is also deeply mysterious.

Access awareness itself, the timeless present, from the body sensations. Here everything is perfect; there is no birth, no death, no young, no old, no sickness, no health, no aversion, no ignorance, no craving, just being itself.

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