Being and Working Together, Rather than in Opposition, is Humanity’s Calling

Masculine and feminine, Black and white, absolute and relative all inter-are. Each of our actions affects countless others. If we would only accept this law of nature, we would be and work in concert rather than in opposition to effect change beneficial to all beings.

Can anyone deny that each of our actions affects countless others? And, two, that the indwelling awareness of others wants to be happy just as much as ours? If we would only see that our suffering is others’ suffering and other’s suffering is our suffering, we wouldn’t act so rashly. Let me give you an example. You have a rare disease that requires medication made in only one country, not yours. At the same time, that country is at war with a third country and the facility that makes your medication has been bombed. Your medication is no longer available, and now you may die.

Everywhere we look, there are examples like this occurring at various levels of severity. In fact, every action and outcome is an example of this. Not to say that this is karma sort of. I am saying that all of us need to see the fact that we are in interdependence and living in denial of this is causing the destruction of humanity, and the earth for that matter. Wake up!

Now, if there were no greed, hatred, and delusion, would we all have no more work to do? Would we be bored? No, we would still be working, we would be the opposite of bored, and to quote Eckhart Tolle, we would be living on a new earth. Not to say this would be a utopia sort of, but it would be a utopia.

Again, we would not be bored in a utopia. We would be creating beautiful things, beautiful life, living in concert, in harmony. Being and working together, rather than in opposition, is humanity’s calling.

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