Clocks Never Show Us Presence, Only Awareness Does

Sometimes it feels like chronological time is hanging over our heads and our spacious heart. Chronological time is nothing but a concept, a cloud floating in the great sky of presence. Right now, feel your seat wherever you are sitting, or your feet on the floor, and become present. Can you feel the sacred quality of presence?

Clock time will never show you presence. Our days go by, and we work, play, and rest, seemingly scheduling in our time in fixed intervals guided by the clock, which is nothing but a phenomenon that is constantly changing. We create concepts of a biological clock, an atomic clock, an alarm clock, and at times live our lives at the discretion of these these phenomena.

Presence, the unconditioned, uncaused here and now, is patient, is still, is within you. Presence is always here now. It can be seen in the light, in the dark, in the in-between space. Allow the deep calm of presence, within and without, to permeate the body fully. You may notice a brightening of forms, a spaciousness, expansiveness, joy and peacefulness.

Presence is here now, rest here now.

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Presence is Here Now