How does life have purpose?

“Nature or the universe are neither fair nor just. They just operate according to natural laws.”
-paraphrased from Mark Coleman, From Suffering to Peace

Amidst unfairness, injustice, fairness, or justice, we have choice about our actions, and to some extent our state of mind and our thoughts.

We make choices about what we do or don’t do we choose how we keep our minds in a world that seems senseless at times. In my view, these choices are part of what gives our lives purpose. Also, our inextricable interconnections with all that exists also give our lives purpose.

Bring to mind some beings that are connected to your actions. I bring to mind you, the reader(s) of this article. You may hold a stressful job or are raising/have raised children, which is like a job itself in terms of the work involved. You may be in a monastery and have a sangha and/or you may have a family. You may have friends. You may be food secure or you may not know where your next meal is going to come from. You may have a physical home (other than the present moment), or you may be unhoused.

Our interconnections have created this moment.

Is spacious awareness here or are you feeling more contracted, constricted?

If you are experiencing spacious awareness, rest here awhile.

If you are feeling to whatever extent contracted or constricted, allow that to be here. Bring your attention to your embodied presence. Feel the sensations of the contraction/constriction. Now, move your attention to a place in the body that feels more relaxed, at ease. If there is no place in the body that feels relaxed or at ease, think back to a time when you felt more relaxed and at ease. Take some breaths and rest here awhile.

If you are still feeling contracted, allow that to be here, knowing that the feelings will pass.

Finally, send yourself some kindness and feel free to make your next choice.

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