What is the wisdom when we disagree with the actions of others who are intruding in our lives?

Sometimes, others interfere in our lives in ways we would much rather they not. When this interference is illegal, sometimes there are measures we can take to stop it from continuing. But then there are questions of whether it is worth our time and money. On a smaller scale, when others are intruding in our lives and we want them to stop, we wonder “how can I stop this from happening?” Another interesting question is: “How can I relate to this situation in a way that would be helpful?”

For example, some of the images in the mindfulness art area of this site, presence is here now, have been altered digitally by AI or someone(s) whose identity I don’t know. Some of the images are not the same as the original work, nor the original photo I took of the work. When I first notice these unwanted alterations to my work, I often feel anger and aversion. I may practice RAINN and notice the changing sensations associated with the emotions, and recognize that the emotions are transient and will not be here forever. I also often feel powerlessness. After all, this is my website that I pay for, and someone with more power than me is intruding.

Then, and here is the wisdom: I take full responsibility for what has happened to my art. What this means is, I act and write (respond) so as to inform those who see the art that it has been altered by someone(s) or technology unknown to me. Also, I write to notify whomever is reading this to consume digital media with knowledge of its limitations. One of these limitations (or, you may consider it a strength) is the ease with which these media can be changed in ways we disagree with.

There is more wisdom we can bring to situations like these. And that is: whomever is interfering likely has a motivation(s) for doing so. In fact, the motivation(s) may be ignorance, greed, or aversion (hatred). The motivation(s) may also be wise, as we cannot always see the situation in its entirety.

And there is yet more wisdom we can bring: part of my response is to speak or write what I know to be be true, and regain my power and agency over my own website.

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