Why mindfulness and presence? Because suffering, ego get in the way of health and well being

Many scientific studies have concluded that as little 20 minutes of mindfulness practice each day for about 8 weeks brings many benefits, such as improved immune system function, lowered blood pressure and increased happiness.

If you have health problems or are suffering because of mental or emotional pain/stress, I encourage you to take some time each day and sit in presence. Presence is the background of, the space around, everything that comes and goes. You don’t need to believe anything specific, such a particular religion or philosophy, to sit in presence.

Or, you be concerned about the news of devastation and destruction in the world due to war, oppression, or American politicians who may be causing suffering due to ego. Can we find inner peace and well being in such circumstances?

We can be in equanimity, a beautiful state of mind, amidst difficulties or change. We can also have gratitude.

May you be in presence with kindness.

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